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How Does a Aesthetic Practitioners and Cosmetic Surgeons Stay Board Certified?

Just like initial board certification, the IEBDAMS continuing certification programs are developed by practicing aesthetic practitioners and cosmetic surgeons according to the standards set through IEBDAMS.

There are four main components to the continuing certification process. The boards determine the requirements and activities within each component.


This component emphasizes the importance of demonstrating moral, ethical, professional, and competent behavior and holding a current medical license.



Assessment measures the knowledge that sets a board certified practitioner apart from non-physicians and other non-certified  practitioners with less training and experience. It shows that they are up to date and aware of best practices in their specialty.


With a combination of self-assessment, Continuing Medical Education (CME), and other practice relevant activities, this component helps keep aesthetic practitioners and cosmetic surgeons on track and learning throughout their career.


This component helps aesthetic practitioners and cosmetic surgeons demonstrate that they reflectively look at their practice and identify opportunities to improve care or the process of care delivery.

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