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Mission & Vision

Fists in Solidarity

Empower and enrich the global human resource in aesthetics and cosmetic Surgery sciences by providing a robust, innovative, low-cost postgraduate teaching programme through optimization of current resources and building innovative partnerships with existing institutions.

Ensure the highest standards of aesthetics and cosmetic Surgery education and make worldwide hubs of highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists who can work across the global community with best specialist care.

Respect for all stakeholders, be it the students, teachers or the partnering institutions, and practicing the highest standards of transparency, probity and accountability through a courteous and efficient consultative process.

Objectives of IEBDAMS:
To improve the quality of education by elevating the level and standards of postgraduate examinations in modern aesthetics, cosmetic surgery at the International level.

To constitute a International resource for assuring quality in evaluation in professional competence in aesthetics, cosmetic surgery disciplines.

To develop patterns of and to conduct post-graduate examinations ensuring a uniform standard which certifies ability of the candidate thus qualified to practice independently in the specialty.

To conduct research in methodology of evaluation with a view to designing better methods to evaluate identified areas of professional knowledge, skills and attitudes, and to improve definition of standards of achievement for certification.

To lay down guidelines and minimum requirements for institutions to be recognised for training of candidates in different specialties.

To constitute an accreditation committee to evaluate the inspection reports and make appropriate recommendations to the Board.

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