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Board Certification

IEBDAMS Board certification signifies how specialists are aiming higher to advance their knowledge, judgment, and skills while remaining committed to professionalism, practice enhancement, and better patient care. Find out more about the credential.

What is IEBDAMS Board Certification?

IEBDAMS board certification serves two primary roles:

  • As an independent evaluation of a aesthetic practitioners and cosmetic surgeons knowledge and skills to practice safely and effectively in a specialty.

  • As a trusted credential patients can rely upon when selecting a provider for their needs.

The IEBDAMS design certification programs that advance the quality and delivery of patient care and encourage:

  • Continuing learning and professional development

  • Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery research and innovation

  • Practice improvement for high quality care

IEBDAMS Board assess and certify aesthetic practitioners and cosmetic surgeons after training and throughout their careers, and:

  • Determine the knowledge, skills, and clinical judgment important to the practice of each specialty

  • Utilize initial and ongoing evaluation to verify sufficient mastery of necessary knowledge and skills

  • Offer relevant, convenient, and evidence-based assessments that enhance learning and retention

  • Involve physicians practicing in the specialty to create the standards and assessments

  • Follow set standards of professional conduct and revoke certificates when an individual breaches them

Routes to the IEBDAMS Titles

Route 1: "Attendance Tract" Attendance and Completion of  all Steps of  Board Certification Courses at IEBDAMS Accredited Academy/Institute and passing the IEBDAMS Certification Exam 


Route 2: "Experience Tract" All aspects of the application process, including candidate application, photos, operative notes, letters of recommendation, Qualification Certificates  and all required documents must be scanned and submitted in electronic PDF format via email or Dropbox to

International Education Board also offers Master Trainer, Diplomate and Doctorate Titles as well Professors for Trainers.

Students or any professional willing to get Board Certification title, can take the IEBDAMS.


Examination which consists of:
• Multiple Choice Questions.
• Practical Examination.
• Personal Interview.
• Project with Case Histories.

can be both Online/offline depends on situations.


Certificate will be issued in hard copy as well soft copy.

Certificates & Transcript

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