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The International Education Board (Department of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) IEBDAMS is a leading global body granting credentials and accreditations to the studies of Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery for educational purposes, professions and employment development. Only after strict quality standards checks, IEBDAMS credentials are issued to colleges, institutions, academy's training bodies as accreditations.

IEBDAMS offers international accreditation to colleges and other educational institutions as well as tertiary institutions providing Certificate courses, Diploma, Degree in Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery. The institutional accreditation confirms internal quality systems besides analyzing Institute or Academy's educational curricula and overall organization. Each institution is responsible for its permanent teaching and research quality improvement.​

Our global IEBDAMS program helps institutions achieving and maintaining international standards. We evaluate the Institute's overall organization and study programs for Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Master's and PhDs. Our assessment system recognizes that the content and quality program has been evaluated and meets IEBDAMS standards. Institutionally, it grants accreditation through the following parameters:


1) Academic Quality and Integrity;

2) Teaching Staff Qualification;

3) Delivery of Programs;

4) Student Services;

5) Website design and performance;

Code of Ethics

We are ethically guided by the following core values:

  •  Integrity and consistency in our decisions and actions;

  •  Professionalism and competence;

  •  Moral value in our social interventions;

  •  Responsibility in our contributions to institutions and people

Based on the above principles, the ethical standards for our members’ professional conduct and business practices are:

  • Avoiding actions or behaviours that may negatively affect any accredited institutions.

  • Avoiding conflict of interest between candidates and employers when issuing certifications.

  • Carrying out upstanding evaluation surveys of academic and professional activities.

  • Protecting persons and institutions’ privacy and information.

  • Engaging in constant professional update and self-regulation to improve our expertise and competences.

  • Complying with laws and regulations concerning our professional conduct and our accreditation/certification procedures.

  • Handling sustainability practices with human, social and civic responsibility in our work environments and in our relationships with others.

Accreditation Fees: 2000GBP for 3 Year Duration for Accreditation Grants on Fees please email us on

Accreditation Sample Certificates

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