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Conducting Examinations

Students Taking Exam

The admission rules for the conduct of the examinations are provided by the departments concerned. This includes detailed information regarding the eligibility of the applicant, minimum educational qualifications, age limit, reservation of seats, information regarding institutions, counselling schedule, selection process for entrance to various courses and fees etc. The rules for conducting the examinations are prepared by the Board including the procedure for filling the application forms, issue of test admit cards, list of co-ordinating institutions etc. Complete information regarding the examination centres and syllabus for the relevant test in a composite form is made available to applicants through a printed Rule Book.

The medium of examination will be in English only.

The examinations conducted by the Board have centres collaborations. To add to the transparency of the examinations, observers are appointed for each centre to watch the proceedings of the examination and submit their reports to the Board. Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the examinations, Board conducts them with complete impartiality and transparency, maintaining a very high standard of confidentiality.

Question papers for all examinations are objective type in which the examinee is required to choose the right answer out of the four possible given alternatives and mark his/her choice.  The entire valuation work is totally computerized and executed under the supervision of Supervisors appointed from outside the Board.

Board is fully aware of its responsibility of declaring zero error results and also making them available within the shortest possible time so that new educational sessions get started every month/year in time. The results are prepared maintaining utmost security and secrecy. After the results are declared and uploaded on the net, Board makes available related data and other relevant information to the concerned departments.

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