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Glimpse of International Masterclass for Master Trainers in

Facial Aesthetics (Injectables), Bangkok 11 and 12 December 2023

IEBDAMS Presence 
Grow Your Vision


IEBDAMS Courses 

Hands-on aesthetic training programmes Board and Fellowship certification for physicians.

  • Basic and Advanced Injectables; 

  • Thread Lift; Laser;

  • Chemical Peel;

  • Regenerative Medicine/PRP;

  • Scar Revision;

  • Aesthetic Dermatology;

  • Facial Analysis.

  • Liposuction and Body Contouring

  • Facial Fat Grafting

  • Breast Fat Grafting

  • and many more..........

Programme Normée, Small class sizes,  World-class medical faculty, Unrestricted Support Following Training

Become Board Certified on Qualification and Experience Records

For those who want the added recognition and distinction have the option to pursue the Board Certification Pathway and become Board Certified in their chosen specialty. Board Certification requirements are described beneath the certification tab.


The Most Trusted Medical Specialty Certification Organization

International Education Board (Department of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery) has earned the public’s trust by setting a higher standard of professionalism and care for physicians and specialists in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

We represent as a certifying boards and nearly ten thousand active board certified physicians who are aiming higher to better serve their patients, families, and communities.

Board certification helps:

  • Physicians and specialists demonstrate their competence and professionalism throughout their careers

  • Health care organizations in selecting staff to help achieve their quality and safety goals

  • The public feel assured they are being cared for by someone committed to their health and well-being

Routes to the IEBDAMS Titles

Route 1: "Attendance Tract" Attendance and Completion of  all Steps of  Board Certification Courses at IEBDAMS Accredited Academy/Institute and passing the IEBDAMS Certification Exam 


Route 2: "Experience Tract" All aspects of the application process, including candidate application, photos, Qualification Certificates  and all required documents must be scanned and submitted in electronic PDF format via email or Dropbox to

International Education Board also offers Master Trainer, Diplomate and Doctorate Titles as well Professors for Trainers.

Associate Member of

Collaborations & Partners 

The American Accreditation  Board.png
The American Accreditation Board, USA
International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, USA
Board of Quality Standards, Europe



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