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Complications Mastery in Aesthetic Injectables

International Live Stream


Certain outcomes may not qualify as severe complications but might require correction using agents like Hyaluronidase, which are highly effective but necessitate proper training for safe and efficient use.


The program initiates with training in relevant facial anatomy, emphasizing injection techniques for the face. Many practitioners have adopted techniques involving "blind injections," thus it's crucial to recognize adverse outcomes stemming from poor technique resulting from such injections. While some outcomes may not constitute serious complications, they may still necessitate correction using agents like Hyaluronidase, which require adequate training for safe and effective utilization.


Even with proper technique and adherence to strict safety protocols, you may encounter patients treated by other practitioners who developed complications or undesirable outcomes. Complications vary in severity, and this program will equip you with detailed, up-to-date treatment protocols for addressing the most common complications.


Upon finishing this program, participants will develop a comprehensive grasp of the following objectives:


  1. Identify potential issues and complications linked to aesthetic injectable treatments.

  2. Assess recommendations for crash kits and effectively educate patients pre- and post-procedure to mitigate adverse events.

  3. Deliver thorough patient education on procedures, informed consent, expectations, and potential complications.

  4. Master appropriate preparation and administration techniques for medications such as hyaluronidase, sodium thiosulfate, antibiotics, steroids, heparin, and nitro-paste.

  5. Attain proficiency in utilizing microcannula injections and other injection techniques for risk minimization.

  6. Comprehend the depth and placement of dermal fillers and employ avoidance strategies for specific facial and body areas.

  7. Review both absolute and relative contraindications for aesthetic injectable treatments and ensure compliance with procedural guidelines.

  8. Explore anatomical considerations for commonly treated body areas, alongside pre- and post-procedure instructions and treatment protocols.

  9. Develop competencies in managing complications, adverse reactions, and suboptimal outcomes associated with facial and body contouring procedures.

Complications Mastery in Aesthetic Injectables Agenda:





Introduction, Course Overview, and Agenda/Objectives Review.



Exploration of Facial and Body Venous Anatomy Relevant to Aesthetic Procedures. Discussion of Indications for Facial Filler or Body Contouring Treatments, Covering Absolute and Relative Contraindications. Various Approaches to Avoid Common Concerns with Dermal Fillers. Examination of Hyaluronidase Dilution and Injection Protocols, Including Potential Aesthetic and Medical Uses. Advanced Protocols for Granulomas Identification and Treatment.






Explore Precise Injection Methods for Botox Injections to Minimize Common Aesthetic Complications. Examine Medical Complications and Adverse Events, Along with the Necessary Corrective Protocols and Standards of Care, Including Medication Management. Discuss Strategies for Addressing Different Types of Botox-Related Asymmetries and Proper Placement Techniques to Correct Aesthetic Issues.



Analysis and Identification of Sclerotherapy Complications, Including Transient and Permanent Issues, as well as Serious Medical Complications. Detailed Review of Each Potential Complication, Appropriate Corrective Measures, and Understanding of Cause and Effect. Discussion on Managing Patient Expectations and Ensuring Supplies for Complication Management and Patient Compliance.






Examine and Recognize Aesthetic Complications Associated with PDO Thread Placement and Discuss Appropriate Corrective Measures. Detailed Description of Each Corrective Procedure and the Potential Supplies Required for Each Indication.



Open Discussion and Q&A Session.

Complication Management and Protocols for:

Aesthetic Complications of Botox:

  • Asymmetry

  • Brow Ptosis

  • Lower Lip Drop

  • Asymmetric Smile


Medical Complications of Botox

  • Diplopia, and Ectropion

  • Upper Eyelid Diffusion (Eyelid Ptosis)

  • Weakened Neck Flexors (Dysphagia)

  • Lower Lip Drop

  • Asymmetric Smile


Aesthetic Complications of Dermal Fillers:

  • Asymmetry (Facial Areas)

  • Overfilling (Reversal of HA and CaHa)


Medical Complications of Dermal Fillers:

  • Occlusion or Infarction of a Vessel

  • Denervation

  • Granulomas

  • Impaired Lymphatics


Complications of Sclerotherapy Injections:

  • Telangiectatic Matting

  • Staining

  • Arterial Injections

  • Ulceration and Cutaneous Necrosis

  • Superficial Thrombophlebitis

  • Ocular Changes, Migraine, or other Neurologic Complications

  • Allergic Reactions


Complications of PDO Thread Lifts:

  • Bunching

  • Dimpling

  • Exposed Thread

  • Asymmetry

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